Future Geoscience Ltd (FGL) is a joint venture company between PetroStrat Ltd and Hafren Scientific Ltd (including Chemostrat, Origin analytics) to undertake high quality multidisciplinary workflows, integrated wellsite solutions, integrated reservoir quality studies and regional studies and to provide a one-stop shop for stratigraphic and related reservoir solutions.



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Integrated Biostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy

Provision of a truly integrated bio- and chemostratigraphic work flow based on fully quantitative analyses for all disciplines.
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Non-Proprietary/Non-Exclusive Studies

These services are offered on a licensed multiple client basis and enable a cost-effective way of undertaking large, multiple-well projects.
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Cost-effective Wellsite Solutions

FGL are pleased to announce the provision of a new approach to integrated studies at the wellsite.
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High-Quality Multidisciplinary Workflow

Consistent high quality multidisciplinary data, integrated into a single stratigraphic solution.
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Digital Deliverables

All new data will be presented graphically and available digitally.


Latest News

Inorganic geochemistry analysis brings advantages in understanding reservoir quality in complex environments

Future Geoscience presented a fully innovative methodology using inorganic geochemistry to assist provisional reservoir quality analysis in complex reservoirs.

Future geoscience successfully completed a fully integrated stratigraphy and reservoir study in Triassic section of the Norwegian sector, North Sea

Another successful integration project utilising effective enhanced solutions to regional studies. A fully integrated stratigraphy workflow using chemostratigraphy (geochemistry and elemental analysis), biostratigraphy, and LogsStrat were undertaken to map out a stratigraphy framework, correlation and study reservoir continuity, and connectivity in a structurally complex (fault zones) section within the Triassic sequence. In addition to stratigraphy, reservoir quality analysis and petrography helped to understand the reservoir characterisation.

Future Geoscience Hard at Work Offshore

Future Geoscience integrated wellsite team sucess in North Sea

Future Geoscience integrated wellsite team has successfully completed wellsite jobs in North Sea.

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