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Training & Development

PetroStrat & Chemostrat have formed a joint venture Future Geoscience to provide single access to both services. This includes a unique source of highly experienced senior scientists providing integrated stratigraphy, reservoir quality and geochemistry courses.

Future Geoscience is here to help industry to fulfil their training needs and provides innovative and critical thinking practical courses to individuals, groups and bespoken portfolios.

  • Applied integrated stratigraphy solutions. The comprehensive way to understand the stratigraphy frameworks in basins regardless the complexity of sequences. In these series of courses, you will learn all practical techniques. Multidisciplinary techniques will be presented in advance level of how to undertake those single techniques, integrate and innovate solutions for specific basins.
  • Single disciplinary techniques including (1) adv. biostratigraphy, (2) chemostratigraphy, (3) Stable isotope stratigraphy (SIS)
  • Multidisciplinary techniques. (4) integrated stratigraphy solutions in basins
  • Reservoir quality prediction and optimizing the production plans in reservoir: After finishing these courses you will be become familiar with applied reservoir quality techniques (ARQ) and most effective way to interpret results to able you quantify the reservoir quality, predict the reservoir characterisation and apply precautions to avoid production loss due to formation damage.
  • Intermediate Reservoir quality in carbonates and clastics (5) (techniques, tools, data processing)
  • Advanced Reservoir quality in clastics (6) (Diagenesis, interpretation, uncertainties, quantitative assessments)
  • Heavy minerals, provenance and sink to source analysis on burial sediment studies related to provenance sensitive minerals. There are wide variety of species and these courses will cover of benefits of heavy mineral studies such as finding out many of restricted parageneses, sedimentary provenance, sedimentary pathways, sediment-dispersal patterns, outlining and, when possible, correlating unfossiliferous detrital rocks units, geo-steering and mining and exploration.
  • Heavy mineralogy (7) and they role in clastic & carbonate sedimentology
  • Sink to source (8) and role of provenance in reservoir characterisation

We deliver

  • Advanced biostratigraphy & regional correlation interpretation
  • Sequence stratigraphy & palaeoenvironment construction
  • Physical, geochemical & bio-modelling of reservoir stratigraphy
  • Heavy minerals, provenance & their role in the reservoir quality
  • Diagenesis and reservoir quality, implying chemostratigraphy and mineralogy
  • Advanced
  • INPFEA and wireline log correlation

You will take

  • Advanced biostratigraphy techniques
  • Multidisciplinary workflows on reservoir study
  • Advanced clay mineralogy & diagenesis
  • Organic & inorganic geochemistry
  • Provenance, heavy mineral & geochronology
  • Carbonate microfacies, diagenesis and reservoir quality
  • Sedimentological log and core description, facies interpretation, petrography, environmental modelling & reservoir quality

We can do more than just deliver great training. Our highly experienced staff are happy to give you advice and guidance to achieve your training goal.

FGL have also designed and delivered various bespoke training courses for national oil companies (NOC) apprentices as  job training.

All our training courses can be offered online.