Future Geoscience Ltd (FGL) is a joint venture company between PetroStrat Ltd and Hafren Scientific Ltd (including Chemostrat, Origin analytics) to undertake high quality multidisciplinary workflows, integrated wellsite solutions, integrated reservoir quality studies and regional studies and to provide a one-stop shop for stratigraphic and related reservoir solutions.

Primary aim of the joint venture is to bring complementary stratigraphic disciplines together to develop tailored and targeted stratigraphic solutions to the oil and gas industry

Future Geoscience combines the resources, analytical facilities and technical backgrounds of world leader’s stratigraphy companies PetroStrat and Chemostrat to unlock world class stratigraphic solutions.

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Paul Cornick Future Geoscience Profile

Paul Cornick

Paul Cornick is Managing Director of PetroStrat and joint-MD of Future Geoscience.
John Gregory Future Geoscience Profile

John Gregory

John is a Director of PetroStrat and Future Geoscience with 24 years’ direct experience in petroleum industry consulting.
John Warrington Future Geoscience Profile

John Warrington

John Warrington is a Non-Executive Director working with the Boards at PetroStrat and Future Geoscience. He is co-Chairman of the Future Geoscience Board.
Mark Weldon Future Geoscience Profile

Mark Weldon

Mark Weldon is a Director of PetroStrat and Future Geoscience and has 27 years’ experience in petroleum industry
Mike Gulliford Future Geoscience Profile

Mike Gulliford

Mike Gulliford is co-Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Future Geoscience and following a successful 35 year corporate career.
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Tim Pearce

Tim Pearce is Managing Director of Chemostrat and co-MD of Future Geoscience, he has worked in the petroleum service sector for more than 20 years.
Vicki Ridge Future Geoscience Profile

Vicki Ridge

Vicki Ridge is Finance Director of Hafren and Future Geoscience.
Ehsan Daneshvar Future Geoscience Profile

Ehsan Daneshvar

Ehsan is General Manager of the Future Geoscience with over 15 years’ experience in petroleum industry consulting and academia.