The Directors of Hafren Scientific Ltd (which includes Chemostrat Ltd and Origin Analytical Ltd) with headquarters in Welshpool and PetroStrat Ltd, whose headquarters are in Conwy, North Wales are delighted to announce the formation of the new joint venture company Future Geoscience Ltd which will offer specialised geological services and products for the oil industry.
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Paul Cornick Future Geoscience Profile

Paul Cornick

Paul Cornick is Managing Director of PetroStrat and joint-MD of Future Geoscience.…
John Gregory Future Geoscience Profile

John Gregory

John is a Director of PetroStrat and Future Geoscience with 24 years’…
John Warrington Future Geoscience Profile

John Warrington

John Warrington is a Non-Executive Director working with the Boards at PetroStrat…
Mark Weldon Future Geoscience Profile

Mark Weldon

Mark Weldon is a Director of PetroStrat and Future Geoscience and has…
Mike Gulliford Future Geoscience Profile

Mike Gulliford

Mike Gulliford is co-Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Future Geoscience and following…
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Tim Peace

[caption id="attachment_553" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Chemostrat staff portraits[/caption] Tim Pearce is Managing Director…
Vicki Ridge Future Geoscience Profile

Vicki Ridge

Vicki Ridge is Finance Director of Hafren and Future Geoscience. On graduating…