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Forensic Reservoir Evaluation and Analysis (FREA)

Enhanced integrated techniques in reservoir evaluation has made a significant progress in bringing solutions on how to help operators to understand the depleted hydrocarbon production in fields. Disappointing production performance can be attributed to many factors, amongst these mechanical problems, early water break through and pressure drop. But reservoir integrity is an often-overlooked contributary factor, quite often the major one!

At Future Geoscience we offer to take a forensic approach to re-evaluating the reservoir, to find tell-tale signs in the rock that have a detrimental effect on production in the wellbore, and potentially across the field.

Using a broad range and extensive set of analytical techniques, including EARQ (Enhanced Reservoir Quality analysis), applied petrography, wireline log analysis, Artificial Intelligence on database, etc, Future Geoscience can deliver targeted forensic analysis of reservoir intervals at any scale, from the entire interval to the size of individual pore throats.