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FGL Wellsite Solutions

Future Geoscience have now established an effective integrated wellsite service (FGL Wellsite Solution) to provide real time, post wellsite and offsite core store analytical services globally. This includes a unique integrated wellsite package providing biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy and mineralogy services. 

This service is fully Integrated & unrivalled tool for drilling in barren sequences, structurally complex reservoirs & at sub-seismic resolution. 

By applying FGL Wellsite Solution Services, an effective way to stay on top, you are automatically committed to increase efficiency, confidence and substantial saving significantly by reducing costs, logistics, spaces and staff.

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Benefits of FGL Wellsite Solutions  

  • Integrated well service summary 
  • Integrated pre-drill program and off-set well correlation 
  • High confidence positioning of casing points, coring and TD 
  • Monitoring stratigraphy in barren / fossiliferous / structurally complex settings  
  • Monitoring stratigraphy of “wildcat” wells  
  • Assisting to “geo-steer” long reach horizontal wells  
  • Determining a well TD 
  • Provide mineralogy and rock mechanics data  
  •  Increased confidence & substantial cost saving (in rig time)  
  • Reduced logistics and bed space 
  • Assists safety critical decisions. Deep water wells are under close scrutiny and real-time biostratigraphy is a means of minimising risk.
  • Real-time results obviate the need to wait months for results, or export samples. Wellsite Biostratigraphy from a first well may influence the design of a second well. 
  • Able to provide dedicated A60 biostrat units, a scientific team from the relevant disciplines, technicians and acid or non-acid palynology. 

Traditionally, wellsite chemostratigraphy was used on conventional reservoirs to steer wells, and all of the ‘LaserStrat®’ wellsite jobs were completed on conventional reservoirs where wellsite chemostratigraphic data was used for chiefly stratigraphic correlation and geosteering. This application is increasingly being used on over 30 North Sea wells to date. 

The dramatic increase in shale exploration where wellsite chemostratigraphy is used to steer wells and to model mineralogy for enhanced fracturing (real-time or onsite post-drilling analysis) has greatly expanded the market sector. In addition, FGL has also developed a series of complimentary wellsite services such as FTIR (for mineralogy and organic content) and C-isotope analysers for rock age correlations that will be packaged to provide a comprehensive stratigraphic and compositional wellsite service (particularly appropriate for shale plays). 

To build on FGL’s extensive experience in integrated real-time(wellsite) analysis, the company has also developed a series of complimentary portable analytical techniques including non-acid palynology, scanners, HHXRF, FTIR, Magnetic Susceptibility, that form our ‘Portable Solutions’ brand. These services can be used in the laboratory, in the core store or in the field. In addition, some of these techniques can also be applied at wellsite to aid in geosteering and/or rapid onsite post drilling analysis in remote locations to generate data.   


Future geoscience Ltd utilises and initiates resources and analytical techniques from its parent companies PetroStrat Ltd and Chemostrat Ltd. 

 FGL wellsite team collaborate with UZMA Group in South East Asia and Belloy Petroleum Consulting Ltd. in Canada.