Another Integrated Wellsite Solution Project, North Sea

Tim Pearce: I want to express my thanks to the Chemostrat Wellsite for a successful offshore chemostratigraphy deployment in UK waters. The deployment was technically challenging but the team (Paul O’Neill, Brenton Fairey, and David Riley) and the equipment all performed well and the job was supported by Ehsan Daneshvar from our JV (Future Geoscience Ltd). Any operators wanting an experience Wellsite Chemostrat team or an integrated Chemostratigraphy / Biostratigraphy Wellsite should contact Chemostrat or Future Geoscience Ltd.

Future Geoscience success with integrated stratigraphy and reservoir study

Another successful integration project utilising effective enhanced solutions to regional studies. A fully integrated stratigraphy workflow using chemostratigraphy (geochemistry and elemental analysis), biostratigraphy, and LogsStrat were undertaken to map out a stratigraphy framework, correlation and study reservoir continuity, and connectivity in a structurally complex (fault zones) section within the Triassic sequence. In addition to stratigraphy, reservoir quality analysis and petrography helped to understand the reservoir characterisation.