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Fully Integrated Stratigraphy Solutions

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With applying our fully integrated stratigraphy solution to your studies you will add the most innovative integrated stratigraphy tool to your basin study through effective & dynamic solutions.

PetroStrat & Chemostrat have formed Future Geoscience to provide single access to both services. This include a unique integrated stratigraphy package providing biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, mineralogy and reservoir study services maximizing the efficiency of studies with the idea of “one stop shop” solutions.

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What we do in Stratigraphy, with high-quality, most effective & dynamic integrated solutions:

  • Multidisciplinary work flows utilising all resources and expertise within PetroStrat and Chemostrat
  • Identification of unconformities in barren sequences and discover structurally complex entrapments
  • Optimizing the production plans in reservoirs
  • Powerful tool to study shale & unconventional
  • Enhanced economical & technical standpoint determination on viable development strategy
  • Evaluate significant roles in exploration for and development of reservoirs
  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and its impact on basin sedimentation histories
  • An innovative solution for generating and calibrating a reservoir model
  • predicting the overall reservoir geometry and their extension with Future Geoscience integrated stratigraphy model
  • Enhanced diagenetic modelling on carbonates and clastic and study their impacts on reservoir quality

Working on independent studies has revealed that there is strong compatibility between biostratigraphy and chemostratigraphy boundaries. Integrated biostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy will overall robust stratigraphy workflow. A clear correlation of non-age diagnostic biostrat events with chemostratigraphic packages providing a much higher stratigraphic resolution.

Our workflow in fully integrated stratigraphy includes:

  • Regional and reservoir scale correlation interpretation and producing integrated summary charts, single well, correlation panels.
  • Undertaking sequence stratigraphy & palaeoenvironment conceptual model
  • Physical, geochemical & bio-modelling of reservoir stratigraphy chart
  • Source to sink, provenance & regional facies modelling
  • Fully integrated petrophysical & mineralogical, geomechanical & geochemical, biostratigraphical & seismic stratigraphy interpretation and charts  

Our approaches in conducting studies include:

  • Combined biostratigraphy techniques including palynology, nannopalaeontology and micropalaeontology
  • Biostratigraphy, mineralogy, elemental chemostratigraphy, isotope & geomechanical analysis
  • Mineralogical and diagenetic analysis
  • Organic & inorganic geochemical analysis
  • Provenance, heavy mineral & geochronology Analysis
  • Shale and unconventional approaches
  • Carbonate microfacies analysis
  • Sedimentological log and core description, facies interpretation, petrography, environmental modelling & reservoir quality

Time-series Analysis of e-log and chemostratigraphy data

The INPEFA Log Transform identifies discontinuities, depositional trends and a hierarchical pattern in the stratigraphic succession. We believe that these features are controlled by orbitally‐forced climate changes, and that makes the INPEFA Log Transform a predictable tool instead of only descriptive. The results offer the geologists a unique approach for subsurface stratigraphic correlations and interpretations.

The vertical succession of the INPEFA Log Transform curve shows a unique stratigraphic pattern of discontinuity surfaces, depositional trends and a hierarchical pattern – the INPEFA stratigraphy.

Future Geoscience Correlation example