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Future Geoscience Ltd (FGL) is a joint venture company between PetroStrat Ltd and Hafren Scientific Ltd (including Chemostrat, Origin analytics) to undertake high quality multidisciplinary workflows, integrated wellsite solutions, integrated reservoir quality studies and regional studies and to provide a one-stop shop for stratigraphic and related reservoir solutions.



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Semi Submersible Oil Rig during Sunrise

FGL Wellsite Solutions

Future Geoscience have now established an effective integrated wellsite service (FGL Wellsite Solution) to provide real…
Future Geoscience Hard at Work Offshore

Training & Development

PetroStrat & Chemostrat have formed a joint venture Future Geoscience to provide…
Future Geoscience Nodding Donkey

Enhanced Advanced Reservoir Quality (EARQ)

EARQ in Future Geoscience includes enhanced integration of old school expertise and…
Future Geoscience Brain

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning and AI service is an essential component of FGL’s portfolio.…


Future Geoscience has pioneered several multiclient (non-exclusive) stratigraphic, provenance and reservoir studies

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Future Geoscience Stratigraphic and reservoir challenges with Triassic plays in the North Sea Central Graben Conference Announcement

Conference Announcement – “Stratigraphic and reservoir challenges with Triassic plays in the North Sea Central Graben”

The virtual conference will focus on the current techniques, the challenges and future solutions in understanding the Triassic stratigraphy.

Manager Appointing Supervisor To E&P Operations

Another Integrated Wellsite Solution Project, North Sea

The deployment was technically challenging but the team, and the equipment all performed well.

Future Geoscience FTIR Laboratory

Inorganic geochemistry analysis brings new advantages

Inorganic geochemistry analysis brings new advantages in understanding reservoir quality in complex environments Future Geoscience presented a fully innovative methodology using inorganic geochemistry to assist provisional reservoir quality analysis in complex reservoirs.

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