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Article on Future Geosciences in GEO ExPro Magazine

Future Geosciences were featured in Geo ExPro Magazine Volume 14 No. 6 (November 2017):

GEO ExPro Magazine volume 14 number 6

Challenging circumstances in the oil and gas sector have required maximisation of data value, to quickly impact on interpretation and workflows. Whilst stratigraphic data
interpretations have traditionally provided one of the backbones of subsurface interpretation, new methods of extracting value from integrated data is paramount for improving the predictive understanding of future subsurface interpreters.

PetroStrat, the largest commercial, global biostratigraphic group in the industry, and Hafren Scientific, developer of innovative technologies in elemental/chemostratigraphic data, have formed a joint venture company, Future Geoscience Limited, which combines the stratigraphic experience of over 60 experts, backed by two world-class accredited laboratories, to deliver novel integrated products based on their combined chemo- and biostratigraphic skills. This approach will
maximise value of integrated datasets to de-risk plays and prospects. According to industry trends and analysis, ‘big data’ products will provide the optimum solutions for oil and gas companies seeking to de-risk exploration and reservoir characterisation. The complementary high quality, quantitative datasets generated by both businesses and the new joint venture products will form the foundations of innovation in stratigraphic interpretation.


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