High-Quality Multidisciplinary Workflow

Future Geosciences Process Graphic

Consistent high quality multidisciplinary data, integrated into a single stratigraphic solution:

Example Study Work Flow and Methodology:

  • Quantitative Biostratigraphy
  • Micropalaeontology
  • Palynology
  • Nannopalaeontology
  • Chemostratigraphy and sand characterisation
  • Heavy mineral analysis
  • Detrital zircon analysis
  • Petrology and SEM work
  • Aiming for a significantly improve stratigraphic resolution
  • Zone/Age definition (Ma to GTS2012/16)
  • Biostratigraphy Integration and Interpretation
  • Log integration and correlation
  • Sequence Stratigraphy from well data (biostrat/logs)
  • Core logging and facies interpretations
  • Clastic provenance Interpretation
  • In-house petrophysics (for lithology and porosity)
  • LogsStrat Interpretation and Integration
  • Well based GDE maps with structural input
  • GIS development and delivery
  • Final reporting and data delivery (IGD digital data for imports)