Integrated Stratigraphic framework for Offshore Southern Newfoundland

Integrated Stratigraphic framework for Offshore Southern Newfoundland Future Geoscience Featured Image lowres

Future Geoscience is undertaking a multi-disciplinary stratigraphic study on South Flemish Pass Basins, offshore Newfoundland.

Recent discoveries in the Jurassic and Cretaceous sequences from the Offshore Canadian Margin has intensified exploration and the need for refined stratigraphic and provenance model for improved play fairway mapping along the margin with a new license round in 2019 in the Whale, Horseshoe and Laurentian Basins.

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In 2019, Future Geoscience will undertake a multi-disciplinary stratigraphic study on 17 wells (see below) located in or surrounding the Laurentian, Whale and Horseshoe Basins offshore Southern Newfoundland for the 2020 license round.

The workflow will include quantitative biostratigraphy (including micropalaeontology, palynology and nannofossils) to provide a comprehensive stratigraphic solution. Furthermore, chemostratigraphy and C-isotope stratigraphic data will be acquired to provide independent stratigraphic and chronostratigraphic control. This datawill also provide clients a assessment of changes in sediment provenanceand depositional facies, water depth and source rock potential.

This stratigraphic framework will be used to constrain subsequent high resolution forensic provenance investigations using zircon U/Pb dating and RAMAN heavy mineral analysis.

Increased drilling activity in the offshore Canadian Atlantic margin has stimulated a drive to better understand the geology of the frontier basins along the Newfoundland margin. Exploration has traditionally focused on the Jurassic succession, but now the potential of Cretaceous and Tertiary is under evaluation.

Future Geoscience (a joint venture of PetroStrat Ltd and Hafren Scientific Ltd) propose a unique stratigraphic solution which can establish correlations between continental and marine facies belts based on the integration of quantitative biostratigraphy, chemo-stratigraphy and C-O isotope stratigraphy combined with E-log data.

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Study Wells:

Emerillon C-56, Tern A-68, Mallard M-45, Wast Wolverine G-37, Lewis Hill G-85, Razorhill F-54, Kittiwake P-11, Brant P-87, Phalarope P-62, Puffin B-90, Heron H-73, Grand Falls H-09, Narwhal F-99, Tors Cove D-52, Sandpiper 2J-77.

Elective Wells (2 from 5):

Petrel A-62, Merganser I-60, Gannet O-54, Carey J-34, Pelican J-49.

Delivery format:

Delivery will be in digital Spotfire, StrataBugs,  WellCAD and IC format. Reports will be in digital pdf format.

Completion Q2-3 2019

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