John Warrington

John Warrington Future Geoscience Profile
John Warrington Future Geoscience Profile

John Warrington is a Non-Executive Director working with the Boards at PetroStrat and Future Geoscience. He is co-Chairman of the Future Geoscience Board.

He brings a no nonsense approach to helping clients in the improvement of their companies. Fortunate to work with a variety of businesses, and has been the business coach of choice for a Pharmaceutical services supplier working with them since 2010, in 2012 they were voted the number one fastest growing private business in the Sunday Times top 100. Work included coaching the CEO and the Executive team along with key members of staff. The business now a public company has grown 20 fold. Facilitating senior management retreats has been a key success factor.

One significant NED position is at PetroStrat, chairing Board meetings for over 5 years. Being joint chair at Future Geoscience is a role he is particularly proud to hold. In addition to this he is chairman to 5 small businesses which has seen each of them grow in line with their own ambitious plans.

Other notable business coaching assignments include being the coach of choice to a regional based law firm where working with senior members of the partnership team to support development plans to see year on year growth of the business at a rate of 20% per year.

He has been consistently successful in helping people in key areas in business for the last 30 years, being committed to integrating personal goals for success with both short and long-term business objectives. He believes effective work-life integration is a critical success factor for developing executives and leaders of the future.

John has a great track record in financial and motivational management matters and helping business people achieve their full potential. By bringing a sharp focus to their business lives, he enables them to balance their time across those activities that are really important and produce the greatest returns. Overall his main objective is to see his clients, happy, healthy and successful.